Mission & Vision Statements

Mission & Vision of the Tokyo Gakugei University Library

Our Mission

     The Tokyo Gakugei University Library acts as one of the essential components of the University, by providing high-quality academic resources and study environments for research, study and learning in the University.

     We promote community partnerships to assist the field of school education and transmit the research results of the University to the global society.


Our Vision

  • Providing high-quality academic resources.

     To lead the development of next-generation education, and to contribute to the establishment of the new education infrastructures, we provide high-quality academic resources.


  • Being an essential part which supports students learning.

     We provide a study environment to train future teachers and education supporting staffs who will engage in next-generation education. We especially support active learning in the University.


  • Promoting community partnerships to assist the field of school education.

     We contribute to supporting in-service teachers and revitalizing local community through library activities.


  • Transmitting the research results globally.

     We transmit the research results of Tokyo Gakugei University to the global society and are committed to advancing of next-generation education.



References (in Japanese)

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