Affiliated Organizations

Tokyo Gakugei University Library is committed to cooperation with other university libraries. We are members of relevant associations and councils.

Japan Association of National University Libraries : JANUL  

 Japan Association of National University Libraries (JANUL) is a membership organization comprising libraries of national universities in Japan, the Open University of Japan , library facilities of five inter-university research institutes, totaling 92 libraries and library facilities. JANUL aims at supporting the advancement of library function through close coordination and cooperation among the members, promoting inter-library use of scholarly information resources extensively, and contributing development of infrastructures for scholarly information distribution in order to help universities achieve their missions.

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Japan Association of National University of Education Libraries(JANUEL)

 Japan Association of National University of Education Libraries(JANUEL) is a menbership organization comprising national universities of Education Libraries in japan, totaling 11 libraries (Hokkaido University of Education, Miyagi University of Education,Tokyo Gakugei University, Aichi University of Education, Kyoto University of Education, Osaka Kyoiku University, Nara University of Education, University of Teacher Education Fukuoka, Joetsu University of Education, Hyogo University of Teacher Education, Naruto University of Education) and National Institute for Educational Policy Research. JANUEL aims to promote the development of university libraries and institutes of education.

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東京西地区大学図書館協議会 Tokyo Western Regional Academic Library Consortium:TowerALC



Japan Consortium for Open Access Repository : JPCOAR

 The Japan Consortium for Open Access Repository (JPCOAR) is an institutional repository community, founded in light of the domestic and foreign situation for institutional repositories. JPCOAR will collaborate with related domestic and foreign organizations and communities, build a repository-based knowledge dissemination system, and promote open access further. JPCOAR will respond to the rapidly changing environment, strengthen its functions as a community, work to raise the level of member institutions as a whole, and endeavor to foster core human resources who will lead the way forward in a new age.

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Japan Alliance of University Library Consortia for E-Resources : JUSTICE

 Japan Alliance of University Library Consortia for E-Resources (JUSTICE) is a consortium created to promote many activities for providing stably and continuously academic information, including e-journal that is essential for education and research activities of the university in Japan. The mission assigned to JUSTICE is to contribute to the enhancement of the nation's academic information infrastructure by contracting, managing, providing, and preserving e-resources and by training personnel with necessary skills. At present, JUSTICE is comprised of over 500 participating libraries and is the nation's largest organization of library consortia.

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