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In the Library, books are arranged by their call numbers (classification numbers are based on the "Nippon Decimal Classification"). You can look for books directly on the shelves (based on the same classification code (theme)). Using the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), you can also see whether our library has the required books or not. Please search the shelves after making a note of the call numbers.



You can also search for journals using OPAC. Japanese journals are arranged according to their title (Japanese syllabary order); Western journals are arranged according to their title (alphabetical order); and Japanese bulletins that are published by Japanese universities are arranged according to their publisher (Japanese syllabary order).  
After use, please put the materials on the book cart located in each floor (because of avoiding infection).  


Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

Our library provides OPAC terminals on the 1st floor. You can also access the library's OPAC system via a personal computer connected to the Internet.


How to use OPAC

  1. Input keywords, such as title (part of title is also acceptable), author's name, etc., into the “学芸大の蔵書を探す” field and click the "検索" button. For Japanese books, you need to input key words in Japanese. Japanese kana can also be used.  
  2. A list of search results will be displayed.
  3. Click the book title for detailed information including bibliographical records, locations, call numbers, status, etc. 
  4.  You can find other works by the same author, etc., easily (with one click) on a detailed information screen. 


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